School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Center for Advanced Obstetrical Care and Research (CAOCR)

The Center for Advanced Obstetrical Care and Research (CAOCR) encompasses the following specialty areas:

  • cervix clinic
  • prematurity prevention unit
  • abnormal fetal growth unit
  • twin gestation unit
  • first trimester unit
  • previous intrauterine death unit

The work of the Perinatology Research Branch in Detroit initially focused on enrolling women on the Labor and Delivery Units of Hutzel Women’s Hospital. Over the years, the Branch has significantly expanded its scope and research base to include extensive early pregnancy enrollments through partnerships with private physicians and the University Health Center of the Detroit Medical Center.

Presently, Maternal-Fetal Medicine research is conducted as a collaborative effort among researchers, sonographers, research nurses, and faculty members, while physicians from Hutzel Women’s Hospital provide clinical support.The Perinatology Research Branch conducts specialty clinics for patients who are deemed at significant risk for adverse outcome.

In a discrete group of patients who are judged to be at high risk for adverse pregnancy outcome, the Perinatology Research Branch conducts these subspecialty clinics and jointly provides care during the antepartum period for the patients. With most patients receiving their clinical care from the Wayne State University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, their prenatal care is thus combined with research visits in the Center for Advanced Obstetrical Care and Research (CAOCR).These clinics are operated by Wayne State University, the Detroit Medical Center, and the Perinatology Research Branch staff in collaboration with members of the Maternal Fetal Medicine, Fetal Echocardiography, and Prenatal Diagnosis Units. Clinic staff includes attending physicians, midwives, nurses, fellows, residents, medical assistants, and sonographers.

In-depth integration of these organizations creates opportunities to provide specialized prenatal evaluations and care to the population of urban patients who deliver primarily at Hutzel Women’s Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.